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Sourcing Business Internet Service Can Be a Hassle

There are many options and providers of internet service with pricing all over the map.  Finding out what provider provides service to your building is a hassle.  Then the pain of calling them, waiting on hold, having a high pitch sales person try and sign you up before you have shopped around.  But after the hassle of getting this far, you just end up signing up with the first service you get a hold of.


There is a Better Way to Source Business Internet Service

Next Wave Communications is a master reseller to most all of the internet providers locally and across the US. As a master reseller, we can shop on your behalf and give you the choice of a variety of providers that can serve your data requirements at your locations.  This is a no cost service to you as we get a small commission from the provider.  The pricing we get through this program is as good or better than you get when calling them directly.  So avoid the hassle of trying to find out which providers can provide your internet data service needs. Followed by the even bigger hassle of actually calling them to find out their rates.

Just some of the Internet Service Providers we resell

Comcast Business
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frontier business

Next Wave Communications will recommend the right solution to match your business requirements and budgets. We will consider both the short and long term objectives of your business and work with our suppliers to find the best option for your business.

This empowers our clients to meet their ever increasing bandwidth needs.  With applications continuously moving to the cloud, it is essential your business has the reliable bandwidth it needs to stay connected.


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